Multilingual Desktop Publishing(DTP) Services

What is Desktop Publishing?

Documents with particular purposes and layouts can be translated in different languages but the post-translation text cannot be simply put back in the same layout without making necessary changes. Desktop Publishing makes it possible for you to keep the effectiveness and outlook of your document same after the translation. Sometimes the text body contracts or expands depending on which languages are involved in the translation process. For examples, translating a Finnish text to English will expand it from 30 to 40%. This happens because of the different sentence structures of these languages.

How does Desktop Publishing Work?

Desktop Publishing Services make sure that the document has the same layout and feel post-translation, making it possible to have standard documents in different languages. This helps with the translation of books, pamphlets, Pdf documents, or manuals. The layout of the document is re-organized to fit the post-translation text. It keeps the layout of the original document intact by making necessary adjustments which includes

  • Resorting the Table of Contents
  • Changing left-to-right flow of writing to right-to-left where needed
  • Editing graphics where cultural differences may be critical
  • Re-organizing tables, indexes, labels and graphs
  • Changing fonts to match the translated script
Tranzzlate’s Desktop Publishing Services

At Tranzzlate, we believe to keep the integrity of the documents intact by respecting each language and following strict standards in achieving originality across the board. We make sure that our multilingual Desktop Publishing Services produce documents that are as original as the parent document, with impeccable layout adjustments and detailed work on the scripture. We help your documents deliver their true spirits in different languages. Our experts can work with any file type and format to develop localized text for the target users. Our aim is to help you function at the most optimal levels by bringing home to you our assets to help you with your local and international projects.