Interpreter Services

There are a number of situations where you may need real time language interpretation services; International conferences, business dealings across borders, training programs conducted elsewhere in the world and negotiating with important clients from other nations are all the kinds of opportunities that are valuable for our clients at Tranzzlate and this is exactly where we step in with all the right tools to resolve a difficult language interpretation situation for you. Clad with a panel of interpreters having eloquent expression, relevant experience and accurate knowledge in interpreting and translation services, we can offer you unmatched quality in all our services.

Difference between Interpreter and Translator

Just so you can ask for the right service, let us quickly differentiate between an Interpreter and a Translator. A translator simply translates written text from one language to another. This could be any kind of document, even the content of a web page, as long as it is in written form.

An interpreter, however, translates spoken language, for example in business meetings, seminars or conferences. Interpreters extract the essence of what has been said and communicate it to the other party, keeping in view the context of the conversation. At Tranzzlate, we not only appreciate the sensitivity of the role of the interpreter, we make sure that our simultaneous interpreters are well trained in the skills and can deliver best results.

How does the Interpreter Work?

The Interpreter’s job depends on the kind of situation that you need them for. In a conference, the interpreter will be multitasking skillfully by listening and talking simultaneously. In a smaller event, where the speaker’s language is foreign to most of the audience, the speaker may go on and deliver a few sentences before taking a pause. In this break, the interpreter addresses the audience and communicates what was said earlier by the speaker. During the address of the speaker, the interpreter takes notes to make sure that all ideas are jotted down. In one-to-one meetings, the interpreter waits for one party to finish and then delivers the contents of the conversation to the other party and vice versa. These diversified scenarios demand a different set of skills for each situation.

At Tranzzlate, we make sure that our interpreters are well equipped and knowledgeable to help you achieve your goals.Get an instant quote right now by contacting us and feel free to ask any questions.