Localization Services

What is Localization?

It takes more than just translating the language on the page when it comes to technical or document translations. Localization service connects you with a subject specialist to translate the material manually including text, software, content, computer applications and any other. In both document and technical translation, a localization service provider makes sure that the interpreted material is exactly the same as compared to the original content.

The procedure of localization depends on what is being translated as well as the original and the target language. Sometimes, you may need to localize the same language for a different location. Think of all the different accents the English language has in Europe alone. All these accent variations change various dynamics of the language and therefore a business will need localization to fine-tune the marketing content for differently located audiences even when they speak the same language. In a broader scenario, a localization translator may be employed to translate between different language pairs.

Hiring a professional technical translator with in-depth knowledge about your subject is mandatory for a far reaching marketing campaign. Think of application localization from English to Hebrew. It will contain localized language, glossary terms, interfaces, graphics, and software specific vocabulary. When it comes to localization of a technical language to a Latin letters language, the procedure is even more complex. Only a professional and experienced translation agency can meet the technical translation aspects of localization.

Website and SEO Localization

Website localization and SEO goes side by side as they are customized for the local language and culture. The SEO keywords fluctuate with every language, feel, and look of the website. The SEO terms and keywords shouldn’t be translated text to text because technical terms fluctuate with different languages. For example, the word “chair” translated to the French language won’t work for SEO purposes. In the French language, the word “chair” spells “chaise.” In this situation, localization becomes even more important as you need to localize the language in a way that makes sense to that viewership and therefore render SEO benefits.

For your website localization needs, there can’t be anything better than a large bench of translation experts who are experts in the subject and have years of experience with local and global localization projects. Tranzzlate has served many clients in the past and always received positive reviews. If you want to get your document or any other content translated to another language, you can always click below to GET A FAST AND FREE QUOTE!